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Documenting a recently completed project which challenged myself and others to create letterforms with shapes derived from existing typography. More soon...

Calcio Fiorentino
5:17 PM
May 15, 2019
Designing a flag for the Green Team of Calcio Fiorentino, the team that represents the San Giovanni district of Florence in the annual sporting event, which is a Florentine tradition dating back to the later part of the 16th Century. In designing the flag, I looked to the area's most important piece of architecture: the Baptistery of San Giovanni. By pulling shapes from the building's Tuscan-style facade, I was able to create a playful, eye-catching pattern that reflects the lively spirit of Calcio Fiorentino.

10:35 AM
May 4, 2019
Still in the works...

A look at urban
green spaces
2:58 PM
April 4, 2019
A peek at a project in the works that focuses on urban green spaces in cities across Europe. Seen above are just a few of the green spaces in Vienna, Austria.

Tracing the City
Florence, Italy
5:44 PM
March 11, 2019
Using frottage techniques to collect typography in Florence. 

Digitizing an
old typeface
3:14 PM
March 09, 2019
One version of the original letterform ‘Q’ and an early digital iteration

10:28 AM
March 6, 2019
A  peek at a project in the works.

9:06 AM
February 23, 2019
An ongoing side project

From my

3:18 PM
February 17, 2019

Some sketches for an upcoming type design project.

Contro Une
e Contro Tutti
Found Object
10:34 AM
January 29, 2019
I’ll be spending the semester making a digital revival of the typeface used throughout this book.

9:16 AM
January 18, 2019
An ongoing side project